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Enerģijas taupīšana, izmešu samazināšana, Seize Air kompresoru komanda darbojas!

Laiks: 2022-08-25 Rezultāti: 20

Although one power is insignificant,

Over time, it can light up thousands of lights

A piece of paper is insignificant,

Over time, it will eventually be assembled into ten thousand volumes

of books

Powering Dual Carbon Needs

Everyone's participation

Everyone's contribution

On the way of energy saving and emission reduction, Seize air people are in action!

Under Dual Carbon target

Seize air is in action

Mr.Cheng, General Manager of Seize air Energy-saving Air Compressor, pointed out at the meeting that the theme of the current society is "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking". Get started and integrate green into every aspect of your life.


Mr. Cheng encourages everyone in Seize air to save energy and low-carbon work, improve everyone's awareness of energy saving and low carbon, and at the same time implement the 6S policy, actively promote the concept of green, so that green Seize air, energy saving and environmental protection is no longer a slogan, but implemented into every one. In every word and deed of the staff, we join in the Double Carbon action.

Promote energy-saving products and services

As an energy-saving equipment, air compressors are also widely used in the production of all walks of life, but air compressors are also electric tigers. Energy-saving air compressors must be used to effectively help energy conservation and emission reduction! Seize energy-saving air compressors are deeply loved by users due to the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability, high cost performance and low noise.

More energy-saving: the whole line exceeds the energy efficiency standard of Class 1

More environmentally friendly: lower oil content and lower noise

Smarter: Intelligent Internet,frequency conversion joint control compressed air conditioning, constant pressure and constant temperature output.

Green work and life

At the meeting, Mr. Cheng advocated that everyone should save water, electricity, gas, and paper in daily life, and use clean energy at the same time.


Action and plan

The slogan is loud, and it must be implemented in place! Mrs. Yu, Deputy General Manager of Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor, emphasized at the meeting that the heads of various departments should resolutely implement 6S, not only to ensure that the actions are in place, but also to set an example.


Joining in Double Carbon, Seize people are in action!

Green Seize, everyone practice!

Start with me, act now!



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